I have always had a love affair with prints, and I recently sourced some beautiful print products to offer my families. Rather than cram all my love into one blog, look for them over the next three weeks. I can’t wait to share my Christmas project wall gallery with you!

Part 1: Why you should print your Photos

We love our smart-phones – our kids are going to be the most photographed generation

BUT. And it’s a big BUT… they are going to have the FEWEST photographs to show for it. Our parents had the right idea, and would print out family photos out and stick them in photo albums. I used to love flipping through my album as a kid, and my Mum finally gave in and gave them all to me to keep. When your parents booked in family photos, you can bet the photographer didn’t give them the digital files on a floppy disk! I know my parents ordered a big print which stayed framed for years, and lots of little ones for Dad’s wallet, Grandma, and (of course!) our photo album.

Our kids childhood memories are getting lost on hard-drives and in the cloud

I know I don’t find it very cosy or convenient to sit with my toddler on my lap and flip through family photos on the laptop/ipad. I’m probably as guilty as you, when I say I can’t remember the last time I actually looked back on, or dare I suggest sorted through, all the photos on my smart phone. The idea of burying our photos on a hard drive, or just uploading them to Facebook so your friends see them for a day, is in my opinion, a waste of great memories!!

You should be doing SOMETHING with your images, not just storing them

A printed portrait hanging in your home is something that you can enjoy every day. An album with photos of your newborn, baby, or toddler is something you can sit on a couch and look back on, without the distraction of Facebook notifications and email apps bouncing on the bottom of your screen.

When you walk through the front door of your home, how lovely would it be look at your photos on the wall or in a coffee table album, and be reminded – this is what I care about, these are the people I love, this is what my life is about.

Print your photos while the memories are fresh in your mind

Do you remember in the “film days”, when you’d come home from a holiday and rush out to the local photo lab to develop your film? You’d pay extra for the one-hour turnaround. It was exciting and fun, and the memories were fresh in your head.

The family’s who hire me want beautiful photos which show the treasured everyday memories they’ll have of their little one growing up. So print the photos from your session while you’re still living the memory. Print them out for those days you need a reminder that every day isn’t a cranky-pants day. Print them out so your little one sees how much you love them today. And then at the end of the year, find a great deal and make a calendar to enjoy the past year all over again.

Look out for PART 2 in next weeks blog, where I’ll show you the print products I love and offer.

Let me say it now – I’m your photographer first and last; you’ll never sit through a pressured product sell (or soppy music accompanying the slideshow!). But I DO want to help you figure out what to do with the amazing artwork I’ve created for you. Why would you pay a photographer to take your images, and then print them on standard kiosk printers? The difference in the end product is significant. Your digital files are best for  scrapbooking and personal archiving.  x

Rebecca Burton is a Melbourne based photographer serving families in the City of Knox, eastern suburbs, and surrounding communities. She specialises in natural style newborn photography, baby photography, and childhood photography in the home.