I hope this gallery brings laughter into your hearts as much as taking the photos  did for me. A beautiful family. Enjoy x

Family gives us a reason to laugh

© Burton Imagery LeeFamily_160116-16

It was important to this family to capture the special bonds grandparents share

© Burton Imagery LeeFamily_160116-44

When you’re little, the world is one big adventure to discover

© Burton Imagery LeeFamily_160116-18

Dad’s tickles are the perfect cure for bumps and grazes that happen along the way

© Burton Imagery LeeFamily_160116-33

And a big hug expresses love so much better than just words alone

© Burton Imagery LeeFamily_160116-20

I loved photographing this sparkling little girl, her laughter was the soundtrack to our morning together...

© Burton Imagery LeeFamily_160116-26

...and formed the background music to a snatched tender romantic moment between her mum and dad

© Burton Imagery LeeFamily_160116-27

Dad LOVES his golf, maybe one day his little girl will join him for a round on the green.

© Burton Imagery LeeFamily_160116-36

For now, she’s mastered her own technique for a hole in one

© Burton Imagery LeeFamily_160116-38

but still applies great concentration to her swing.

© Burton Imagery LeeFamily_160116-40

This is one beautiful family, their obvious celebration of life is an inspiration xx

© Burton Imagery LeeFamily_160116-30