J A I | Melbourne Newborn Photographer

21 days young

A glimpse into what a session looks like when your new baby goes to NICU, so your booked fresh-48 hospital session happens when you’re all home instead.

Just as Real. And full of love.

 You never know what you’re going to get when you introduce a sibling to their new baby. But these two were so excited to become a family of 5, and were bouncing in and out of the room eager for their turn for photos with baby Jai. It was an explosion of laughs, tickles, booger jokes from mister 3, and sweet caresses from miss 5.

This little champion was so chilled and calm the entire session. And he has the softest skin and tiniest little details. Perfection, if you ask me. xx

newborn baby details ear and finges

newborn sleeping in bassinet
newborn sleeping in bassinet
brother and sister with new baby
big sister cuddles and kisses new baby
newborn in dads arms
family photo with newborn at home
newborn sleeping on mums chest