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What to wear for your photos

I’m more than happy to look over a few clothing options. Many times I arrive at a family’s home and they’ve put together several options for the kids or family, and I assist in making the final decisions.

Another quick option is to just send me a few quick smartphone pics of the outfits you’d like to wear, so I can lend a little guidance.

Start off by being YOU

Keep it real by wearing clothes which show your personality and you’re most comfortable in. Casual clothing is perfect. The key is that you LOVE putting it on, because this energy will show in the photos.

Don’t be afraid of colour.

 If your home has colourful décor, I suggest more subtle clothing colours so your photos don’t clash. On the other hand, if your home has subtle, light décor then colours or patterns are fun to introduce. I feel you’ll be happier showcasing the images in your home if they complement your décor.

Patterns can add visual interest and a good dose of personality.

But keep the patterns subtle, or just have ONE person in a bold pattern with the rest of the family in simple, more solid coloured pieces.  It tends to be easier to find ‘centre stage’ pieces in girls and women’s clothing, and pull colours from their outfit to create a more simple look for the boys and dads. Avoid thin pin stripes, small checks, and big logos/pictures, as they’re very distracting.

For family portraits, you are NOT to wear matching outfits or the all same colour look!!

I bet you never usually leave the house all wearing jeans and white t-shirts, and in photos  it just looks forced and doesn’t photograph as well as when everyone embraces their own style. I recommend choosing a colour palette/scheme and ‘coordinating’ without being too matchy. Don’t make it too hard on yourself. Even just one colour can tie a whole family together, allowing everyone the freedom to have other colour in their outfits. If there’s a mother and daughter, it’s especially nice to both wear the same colour but in different pieces or accessories.  You want to look ‘together’ but not like you tried too hard, so don’t!

Layering photographs nicely

Wear a cute jacket, a scarf, belt, leggings under a skirt, or a collared shirt over a t-shirt. Adding textures such as leather, corduroy, lace, or denim looks nice. Layers make it even easier to be coordinated in a subtle, non-obvious way.

Makes sure your clothing suits the style of photos.

I ALWAYS suggest casual clothing, because this matches the natural moments I’m photographing for you. I bet you don’t usually wear a fancy silk top when you feed your baby, or dress pants when you bake with your child. But don’t go the other extreme and think you can wear any old thing – you DO want to show your best casual self!

Accessories are a good way to accent outfits.

Especially if layering isn’t an option. Consider scarves, hats, jewellery, cardigans, or shawls to complement your personality without taking centre stage. Accessories can even provide entertainment to little children as well.

Think about your feet.

Weather permitting, including some barefeet shots adds a lovely casual feel to images. Wear stylish shoes that are fun and match the feel of the session. Please don’t wear sneakers unless we’re talking about some trendy Skechers etc… clunky sports shoes can be distracting.

Skip the fake tan.

Your natural skin tone is the most flattering shade. Fake tan sometimes creates streaks and blotches in your skin, and if there are going to be other family members in your session, then the contrast of the fake tanning colour next to natural skin tones makes it appear more obvious and “orange” than it actually is.