Little Caitlin has such a sparkling personality! I always like to give families one or two portraits, to document what your baby or child LOOKS LIKE at this age. But there’s more to someone than just their smile, however gorgeous it is :). So a storytelling photo session with me is like a fast-tracked ‘day in the life’, all in the comfortable and familiar setting of home.

So, here is Caitlin’s story at 8 months old.
Her favourite soft plush puppy which she strokes against her cheek comfortingly at naptime…..

The MOST vivid blue eyes, which show intensely curiosity, taking EVERYTHING in and keen to see what EVERYONE is up to.

Caitlin’s sitting up on her own, gaining a whole new perspective when Mum helps her stand, but still has those oh-so-kissable chubby baby hands. She’s learned how fun anticipation is and squeals with glee when Mum sings tickle-rhymes, and adores anything her big sister enjoys. But as keen as she is to explore, she knows her world ALWAYS feels safest from Mum’s embrace.

Thank you for welcoming me in to capture this season of your lives.