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Mini Maestros class
Pancakes with peanut butter, jam, and banana
Baking yummy desserts
Memories of Hawaii
Breakfast in bed
Escaping into a great novel
‘Flying’ on the swing
Netflix movies with hubby
Willy Wonka – 1971 version
End of season clothing sales!

Are you like me, and want to have beautiful photos which transport you back to treasured everyday moments with your little one?

When my daughter was born in 2013, I can remember looking down at her snuggled in my arms after a feed, and thinking I didn’t want to close my eyes and miss a moment of her life.

I can remember how excited I was as a first time mum, I wanted to do everything ‘perfect’ (no suprise to anyone who knows me!). But I confess that I’m a bit of a botched earth-mother these days. My stubborn mantra “only organic and no refined sugar” faded to a whisper when she started childcare, and we’ve down-graded skincare from organic to just paraben free. I think the cloth nappy inserts got more use as burp cloths (and they work great under sheets for the blood noses she’s prone to!). I am proud that she didn’t watch TV until she was two though, that she loves our regular library trips to choose new story books, and will happily eat raw broccoli from our (not so flourishing) veggie garden.

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When you have a family, I think it’s so easy to rush through daily routines and everyday life. Photos give you a way to cherish the magic of your child’s young life, and hold onto the memories of the activities they enjoy, and the companionship you share while Dad is at work. Though in my case, sometimes I find it hard to put camera down so I share in the moment too!

Photo Credit: Andre Burton



If you linger over the images in my portfolio, I know you’ll love the images I can take of your little one’s cherished everyday. Call for a chat,  or contact me via my Contact Me page.

Rebecca Burton is a Melbourne based photographer serving families in the eastern suburbs, and surrounding communities.
She specialises in natural style newborn photography, baby photography, and childhood photography in the home.