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My name is Rebecca. I’m a wife, a mother, and a storyteller – sometimes as a mum with a camera, and other times as a professional photographer. My days are often spent gluing crafty things or baking yummy treats with my preschooler. As much as I do like (well, actually love) a clean house, I’ve come to also love every messy moment. They’ll only be this little once (though glitter is still strictly supervised!). Escaping into a warm-hearted romance novel is my favourite way to unwind when the girls are finally both asleep.

What I capture with my camera always comes straight from the heart of a mother who wishes more than anything to remember every fleeting moment. It’s the driving force behind my passion for documenting life, mine and yours. My heart knows the importance of those early days. This is where I join you, in the midst of your story’s beginning or newest chapter. I’m a natural light documentary photographer, in love with dramatic shadows and tender moments.

Finding the right photographer for your family, one that you connect with, is important. I’m always honoured to share my time, my passion, and my art. Please get in touch if you would love for me to document the memories of your first days or weeks as a mother. Your baby’s newborn session will be a tangible piece of this time in your life, for you to look back on and share with your family.

Bec xx

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