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Pancakes with peanut butter, jam, and banana
Memories of Hawaii
‘Flying’ on the swing
Willy Wonka – 1971 version

I’m Rebecca. I’m a wife, a mother, and a storyteller – sometimes as a mum with a camera, and other times as a professional photographer. My days are often spent gluing crafty things or baking yummy treats with my eldest daughter – I love every messy moment, even if she does lose interest by the next day (great when it’s chocolate cake!). My nights are spent inventing bedtime stories  – usually about rainbows and ponies – and reading. Escaping into a great book is my favourite way to unwind.

What I do with my camera always comes straight from the heart of a mother who wishes more than anything to remember every fleeting moment. It’s the driving force behind my passion for documenting life, mine and yours.

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