NOW I remember when…

I knew before I’d even had my own daughter that taking REAL images is what excited me when I took photos. Seeing something magical in the light and composition, and bringing it all together to capture an emotion that lasts after the physical memory has blurred. But it’s not UNTIL I became a parent myself that I was really able to explain – to myself and others – how valuable story-telling images are and why I LOVE capturing them. Which is what I want to share with you in this post…

Every now and then I come across stylised newborn photos – you know the ones, with all the adorable props, cute baby poses, and very posed family shots.

We also went down the studio-photo route when my daughter was 3-months old – grabbing sleep where I could had unfortunately been winning out over my desire to take more photos. At the time, I was thrilled to get some ‘naked baby in a tulle skirt’ photos; I mean, how cute is that??! But my absolute favourite images are one where she’s stretching out her arms above her head, and one of her ‘koala-bear’ cuddling into me. Because those naturally occurring poses remind me of her personality and what life was like at that age. And I don’t want to forgot those fleeting details.

I have had several clients who took their firstborn to a studio for photos, but contact me to photograph their second baby. Why? The comments I hear are “they were all a bit the same”, “we want more casual shots showing us as a family“.  When I hear this my heart sings and I get excited, because I love nothing more than giving families images which portray the connections and stories so precious to them.

© Burton Imagery 20150530 Quentin 9 weeks-11© Burton Imagery 20150530 Quentin 9 weeks-8© Burton Imagery 20150530 Quentin 9 weeks-6© Burton Imagery 20150530 Quentin 9 weeks-2© Burton Imagery 20150530 Quentin 9 weeks-1

Whenever I see stylised and heavily posed newborn, baby, even toddler photos, I just want to ask the parents

“…. years down the road, do you want to look at your images and remember how cute your baby looked in a basket/have a dozen shots showcasing different blankets and outfits/recall how your child behaved when asked to say ‘cheese’…. OR do you want to remember the favourite way they liked to be held or cuddled, recall how tiny they looked in that big crib, and remember the favourite spots and games your child enjoyed in your home?

I want my clients to have photographs which give them TRUE images of each season in their lives. More – much, much more – than just the “quick, she’s doing something cute, snap it on your smartphone!!”  shots which we’ve all mastered and love adding funky filters to for instant affect.

I can’t imagine not having the photo’s I’ve taken of my daughter’s stories, which she can look back on in years to come and we can reminisce together as we’re transported back in time to accomplishments, emotions, and favourite times of the day.

© Burton Imagery 201505 Grace-1© Burton Imagery 201502 Grace -3© Burton Imagery 20150826 Grace

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